Regardless of the field PR or public relations are very important. The effects of PR can be judged by the fact that it has become a complete science. Companies are striving to get the best PR professionals so that their business foster. The digital and social media has affected PR a lot and it has allowed the businesses to flourish. PR trends are emerging and changing with every passing day. The idea of offline PR is still lucrative but is being taken over by digital media. Those days are not far when 90% of PR tactics will rely on social media. Even today the companies are working on their social media accounts which are the most advanced form of PR. Traditional mediums are no longer required to work as a magic wand. All this has been successfully accomplished by the digital era of today. The trends of PR prevalent in 2017 are the highest form. Still, they are continually changing but now the pace is slow. It is very safe to say that same trends will be carried through to 2018 as well. There will be small changes but at the crux lies the same advantage or message.

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